Hypertech Max Energy Programmer

Having troubles looking for the right tuning gadget for your vehicle? Worry no more, because the new Hypertech Max Energy Programmer is here! Known for its excellent programming units, Hypertech has made yet another breakthrough with this gadget, allowing you to maximize your vehicle’s power with just a press of a button. This new model […]

Modifying your Jeep Wrangler is Fun and Easy to Provide it a Personality

Any vehicle owner has their own dream of making it as an extension of their individuality.  This objective is not difficult for Jeep Wrangler owners because engine parts and other accessories are abundant and inexpensive.  Thus, you can significantly boost the performance and efficiency of your vehicle in spite of its being an earlier model […]

Tips on Jeep Lift Kits

Planning to use Jeep on your vehicle? Here are a few simple steps which you can incorporate for a seamless experience:- Lift Kits first then Off-Road Tires Never attempt to install larger tires before you install a lift kit. This is simply because the larger tires will constantly rub on the wheel wells. Do-it-Yourself Lift […]

ROAD RUNNERS: Different Types of Trucks

You couldn’t be more wrong if you think that there is only one type of truck which is a big four wheeled machine. Actually, a particular truck is classified according to its size and function. Here are some of the classifications of commonly used trucks. Mini Truck Details Mini trucks or also known as micro-trucks […]

Trucks of The World War

Whether its World War I or II, we have seen how trucks caused serious damage and winning strategies in favor of warring countries. These trucks are one of the most used vehicles during these two World Wars. Here’s a look back at this heavy duty vehicles in action. Trucks in Action The GMC CCKW One […]

Enumerating The Most Expensive Trucks

If you think a hefty price tag can only be associated to luxury cars, then think again. One of the most expensive types of vehicles are trucks. In 2012, Forbes released its list of most expensive trucks for that year. When you hear the word trucks you think of huge four wheel drive vehicles; but […]

Top Japanese Pick-Up Trucks Invading The Auto Scene

Japanese are known for their talent in technology and manifesting it in the things they create. No wonder the Japanese style auto-design is one of the world’s finest. When it comes to trucks, one can be assured that a Japan made truck is high-performance. Here’s a closer look why the demand for importation of Japanese […]

Profiling The Top-Notch Truck Manufacturers

When it comes to designing and building high-performance pick-up trucks, these brands are name on their own. The pick-up trucks they introduce to the market always make it to the list of top-notch trucks. Here are a few profiles of these quality brands. The Awesome Power of Ford No one can doubt Ford’s prowess when […]

Some Popular Pick-Up Trucks

From hauling tractors or being a regular family vehicle, these top of the line pick-up trucks is a good investment, especially to prospective owners engaged into heavy hauling. Here are some of the popular heavy duty pick-up trucks. The Sleek Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Chevrolet is one of the most iconic auto manufacturers.  With its offering […]

Dissecting The Details of a Heavy-Duty Fire Truck

If there’s one danger that most people would want to avoid is fire. Fire is a destructive force that can immediately ruin everything in its path. However, where there’s fire, there’s surely a responsive and efficient Fire Department operating within the area immediately responding to the emergency situation. The best security a fireman has, other […]

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